The Best Way to Use Mouse Traps? Think Like A Mouse.

“Normal people are not psychologically equipped to catch mice.  You have to get inside their minds.  You have to know what they want and need.  You have to think like a mouse.  If you can do that, if you can think like a mouse.  If you can anticipate their moves.  Then sayonara mouse.” – Christopher Walken, Mouse Hunt

Mouse Trap Strategy

Trying to figure out where to put your mouse traps?  As Christopher Walken said so eloquently in that forgettable movie, the best way to catch a mouse is to think like one.  For example, ask yourself, “If I were a mouse, what would I be doing with my time?”  Well the answers would include looking for food, building a nest, reproducing, etc.  Now how can you use that knowledge to your advantage when trying to get rid of mice?

Well, you can start by looking around to see where a great place to hole up would be (assuming you were around 5 inches long and furry).   Ultimately, what you’ll discover is the best place to set a mouse trap is going to be near where a mouse spends the most of its time.  That place might be in a basement behind a furnace (nice and warm!)  Or it could be between the walls (always a favorite).  And how would you, Mr. or Ms. Mouse find your way into that cozy nook?  Very small holes are all that mice and rats need to enter an area.  But as humans, we have decent enough eyesight to catch where those little entrances might be.

Cracks and Crevices

Again, don’t discount a hole because it seems too small for a rodent to fit in.   If a mouse can fit his little head through a little hole, he can fit his whole body.  Same goes for rats.  A good way to combat your mouse problem is to actually start sealing up those holes you find in and around your home.  You’ll begin to turn your home into a place where mice can’t get around.  A home with cracks and crevices is like a bank with an unlocked door from the street to the gold vault.  Not a good idea.

mouse trapsTrap Placement

Back to thinking like a mouse, once you find those little holes or gaps, or when you identify a path that mice seem to take, that’s the place to set a mouse trap.  Might as well put it where they can see it!  Actually mice use their other senses more than their eyesight, which isn’t great.  So they’ll feel and smell their way to your baited mouse traps.  Then, they’ll get zapped or trapped and be one less pesky little problem for you or your family.

Thinking like a mouse is something you’re going to have to do to effectively eliminate your rodent problem.  Mice and rats are easy to eradicate with mouse traps once you are on their level.  They operate based on just a few needs.  Once you can get on that way of thinking, it’s game over.

Good luck and remember, once you’ve caught your mouse in a mouse trap, dispose of it safely, and be sure to go back to thinking like a human as soon as possible.

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