Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap

Got some uninvited rodent guests running around the house?   Get rid of the problem fast with the Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap, by far one of the most popular mouse traps on the market.

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524 is an electronic trap that zaps the mouse once it’s inside.  It employs “advanced smart circuit technology” to detect when the mouse is inside the unit.  Once a rodent is detected inside the trap, a high voltage shock kills the invader within five seconds.  Then you can just empty the trap of the killed rodents, bait it and reuse. After making a kill, the trap has a green indicator light that blinks for 24 hours letting you know there’s a mouse inside.  You simply empty the trap, apply some fresh protein-rich bait (like peanut butter) and place the trap.

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  • According to Victor, the trap can kill 100 or more mice per set of 4AA batteries.Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap  So that would keep your home mouse-free for quite a while on just a few batteries.
  • It’s also important to note that electronic traps are a humane way to kill mice and rats.  The Victor Electronic trap kills the mouse almost instantly with the jolt of electricity so there’s no time for the rodent to suffer as it would in a glue trap or possibly in a snap trap.
  • Additionally, this trap is very safe for pets and kids.   It is automatically deactivated when the top door is opened.

Victor has been making traps for some time and is one of the leaders in the pest control market.  The Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap has great reviews on Amazon and is a great buy.  Click below to grab the M2524 now:

The Best Way to Use Mouse Traps? Think Like A Mouse.

“Normal people are not psychologically equipped to catch mice.  You have to get inside their minds.  You have to know what they want and need.  You have to think like a mouse.  If you can do that, if you can think like a mouse.  If you can anticipate their moves.  Then sayonara mouse.” – Christopher Walken, Mouse Hunt

Mouse Trap Strategy

Trying to figure out where to put your mouse traps?  As Christopher Walken said so eloquently in that forgettable movie, the best way to catch a mouse is to think like one.  For example, ask yourself, “If I were a mouse, what would I be doing with my time?”  Well the answers would include looking for food, building a nest, reproducing, etc.  Now how can you use that knowledge to your advantage when trying to get rid of mice?

Well, you can start by looking around to see where a great place to hole up would be (assuming you were around 5 inches long and furry).   Ultimately, what you’ll discover is the best place to set a mouse trap is going to be near where a mouse spends the most of its time.  That place might be in a basement behind a furnace (nice and warm!)  Or it could be between the walls (always a favorite).  And how would you, Mr. or Ms. Mouse find your way into that cozy nook?  Very small holes are all that mice and rats need to enter an area.  But as humans, we have decent enough eyesight to catch where those little entrances might be.

Cracks and Crevices

Again, don’t discount a hole because it seems too small for a rodent to fit in.   If a mouse can fit his little head through a little hole, he can fit his whole body.  Same goes for rats.  A good way to combat your mouse problem is to actually start sealing up those holes you find in and around your home.  You’ll begin to turn your home into a place where mice can’t get around.  A home with cracks and crevices is like a bank with an unlocked door from the street to the gold vault.  Not a good idea.

mouse trapsTrap Placement

Back to thinking like a mouse, once you find those little holes or gaps, or when you identify a path that mice seem to take, that’s the place to set a mouse trap.  Might as well put it where they can see it!  Actually mice use their other senses more than their eyesight, which isn’t great.  So they’ll feel and smell their way to your baited mouse traps.  Then, they’ll get zapped or trapped and be one less pesky little problem for you or your family.

Thinking like a mouse is something you’re going to have to do to effectively eliminate your rodent problem.  Mice and rats are easy to eradicate with mouse traps once you are on their level.  They operate based on just a few needs.  Once you can get on that way of thinking, it’s game over.

Good luck and remember, once you’ve caught your mouse in a mouse trap, dispose of it safely, and be sure to go back to thinking like a human as soon as possible.

The Lowdown on Mouse Traps

mouse trapsMouse traps are a modern necessity that no one thinks about until a rodent is running around their kitchen.  Mice are, for the most part, uninvited guests that no one wants to see. They are not just irritating, leaving droppings all over the place and burrowing into your loaf of bread, but they are also very unsanitary. They can spread a number of diseases, and this is the reason why you should get rid of mice as soon as possible.  With a little searching, you can find numerous different types of mouse traps but choosing the best can be difficult if you don’t know how each type works. Here is some information about the different kinds of traps for mice and rats to help make things easier for you:

Electronic mouse traps

These are the best mouse traps to use in our opinion. These may use the electricity or may function using batteries. True to their name, they kill the mice through an electric shock. The mice will be dead in the chamber and you don’t even have to look at them when disposing them off. Many off these traps will signal you through a green light to say that the mouse has been caught and killed. If you see a red light, it means that you should change the battery. This kind of trap is considered humane because the trap kills the mice or rats quickly with a jolt of electricity. An example of this kind of trap is the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524.

Traditional Traps

The most well known traditional traps are snap traps, which almost everyone is familiar with. They are generally made out of wood or plastic these days. The board and the platform are solid, sturdy material and attached is a spring. You will also find a bar, which is u-shaped. When you apply pressure on the platform, the bar shuts down with a lot of force. You can lure the mice towards the trap using different kinds of bait such as peanut butter or soft cheese. Use something that you can smear easily on the surface of the trap. You can easily find these in grocery stores, hardware stores, and over the Internet on sites such as Amazon or eBay. You should, however, be very careful with these traps. If you don’t install them properly, your fingers might get snapped and injured rather badly. Every trap comes with instructions. You should read them carefully so that you don’t make any mistakes and end up with a snapped finger. Know that the mouse might not die immediately. Thus, if you are squeamish or if you’d rather not subject the mouse to a brutal end, you should not use these traps. Try an electronic trap instead which is quick an humane.

T-Rex Traps

These traps are like the traditional traps. The credits for the design of these traps go to the Bell Company. The T-Rex traps are different from the traditional snap traps in that they can be set using only one hand. The set up of snap traps usually requires both hands. You will see ‘teeth’-like structures on the sides, the bottom, and the top of the trap intended to kill the mouse.

Glue Traps

These traps are for those who don’t want to kill the mouse and just want to dispose it off away from the house. As the name suggests, these traps come with a highly sticky adhesive. When the mouse or rat comes to the trap, it will get stuck. However, you should be careful to keep checking the traps to see if the mouse has been caught. The mouse might not die immediately and again, it’s not the most humane trap. These traps are cheap and can be used very easily.

Multi-catch Humane Traps

These traps are very kind because they don’t kill the mice or rats. You should use these traps if you have a serious case of mice invading your house rather than just one or two. These traps can catch and traps up to thirty mice at once. Once all the mice have been trapped, you can simply dispose them off to a far off location.

Remember to go for a humane way of trapping or killing the mice if possible. We have no right to torture another being no matter how pesky and irritating it may be.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to keep the traps in places where only mice frequent. These traps should be kept out of reach of children and pets because they could be very dangerous for them

Now that you know of the different types of mouse traps, you can choose the best according to your needs. However, along with the right traps you should also think about the right mouse bait in order to attract the mouse or mice to the trap that you set. In order to find the best bait, you should think about the location of the mice first. You should understand the habits of the mice in your house. Mice may be inquisitive but remember that they are limited. They will mark a territory of about ten feet in your house and never go beyond it. You should be able to identify the place that the mice frequent. That may be difficult because mice come out only during the nighttime but you can do it with ease if you listen to the sounds they make such as scratches, squeaks, and skittering. Once you know where the mice are you will be able to use the bait to your advantage.

Mouse Trap Bait Options

Here are a few recommended baits that you can use:

Sticky Bait: You may surely have watched Tom and Jerry and how Jerry usually manages to retrieve the cheese from the trap without getting trapped. This happens in real life sometimes too. Mice are actually very intelligent and they might just be able to escape the trap like Jerry always managed to. Thus, you should choose your bait wisely. Remember that your aim is not to feed it but to lure it to the trap. You should use bait that is sticky and can’t be removed from the trap with ease. For instance, if you are using cheese as the bait, you should go for cream cheese instead of Swiss cheese or cheddar. Marshmallows, jelly, and peanut butter are also extremely good options. If you want to go with solid bait, you can stealthily tie it to the trap using a thin string or floss.
Aromatic Bait: Know that the sense of smell of mice is very strong. Thus, the bait you use should be very aromatic and inviting. You can use pet food, pretzels, beef jerky, bacon, bread with butter, birdseeds, sunflower seeds, or oatmeal as good baits to attract the mice. You should make sure you change the bait after a period of time if the mouse is not caught because after a while it will rot and start stinking. The rancid odor will not just irritate you but it will also keep the mice away from the bait instead of attracting them.
Sweet Bait: Just like many other creatures and may be yourself, mice love fats and sweets. So it’s an option to with sweeter options to attract them such as caramels, gum drops, maple syrup, chocolate, tootsie rolls, jelly beans, candy bars, or Snickers. Another good idea is to dip cotton balls in vanilla, caramel, or chocolate flavoring in order to attract the mice to the trap.

Humane Mouse Traps

Here are some tips for finding a humane mouse trap and using it right to trap the mice:

If you are looking for an effective mouse trap that’s also humane, there are numerous options that you can choose from.  Here are a few tips to help you out:

You should start off with evaluating the situation in your house. Are there too many mice? Where have they set up their residence? You can find all this out by checking their droppings. Once you know the location you will know how and where to set the trap.
Next, you should do some research to find the best mouse traps. You can also check out the local hardware store if you wish to. Make sure you choose only humane traps that will not kill the mice. They are usually affordable and easy to find too. Just a few minutes of research will do.

Once you buy the mouse trap you are satisfied with, it is time to set it up. Use cream cheese or peanut butter as bait to attract the mice. Read the instructions carefully and set the trap up accordingly. Be very careful because if you don’t do it right you might end up injuring yourself. The trap should be kept in a corner and not in the middle of your room. It’d be ideal to place the trap as close to their hideout as possible because mice generally don’t travel beyond ten feet.

Don’t just place the trap and forget about it. Check it once a day to see if the mouse has been trapped. If you leave the mouse like that, it will end up dying due to starvation.

Once the mouse or mice has/have been trapped, take the trap outside to a far off location and release the mechanism to set the mouse or mice free. Make sure the location is far away so that the mice don’t travel back to your house.

Setting and Forgetting: The Best Rat Trap

best rat trapWhen the signs of uninvited rodent guests start to appear, you need  the best rat trap you can find to free your home from these pests.  Rats can create a lot of problems in a household. You may not even notice it but they could be slowly destroying every inch of your home. They might even reproduce until it leads to rat infestation, which means even bigger trouble. Rats bring diseases and problems. They eat snacks, create holes in your things and cause trouble all around the house. What’s worse is that they are not that easy to capture and kill. They are intelligent, cautious and fast.

However, there are tips you can follow to set the best rat trap there is.

Analyzing The Situation

The first thing you need to do is to determine what type of trap you need depending on the rat infestation. There are different tools to use to kill rats. You can use poison, lethal baits, or snap traps. To get the best result, you have to know which method is the best.

For instance, it is not recommended to use poison or lethal bait when rats are hiding in a structure. In this case, it is advisable to use a mouse trap. On the other hand, mouse traps may not be that effective when rats converge outside your home or in an open area.

You should also learn more about the rats’ behavior. Take note of the area you usually see them running or hiding. This way, you can strategically position the trap.

Using The Right Bait

In order to set the best rat trap, you have to determine the right bait. There are different types of bait but the most effective are food with a strong smell. Among the most effective baits are peanut butter, nuts, bacon and chocolate. Using these as baits will make it harder for the pests to avoid your trap.

Proper Positioning

Oftentimes, even the best rat trap fails to capture the pests because it was not properly positioned. You have to determine the best place to put the trap. Otherwise, the rats would easily avoid it. One thing to remember is that rats don’t have clear vision and this is why they usually run along walls. Given this, it is advisable to put the trap perpendicularly against a wall.

Outwitting The Rat

Do not underestimate rats; they’re intelligent little buggers.  Most of the time, they avoid baits when they see another rat or mouse get trapped and killed.  Also, they would not fall even for the best rat trap you have for the second time around. Rats that were almost captured by a trap become more cautious and careful. If this happens, you have to outwit them.

What you can do is leave baits in another area but refrain from setting the trap. When you notice that the rat is eating the bait and is becoming comfortable anew, that’s the moment to set the trap again. You just have to let the rat feel safer for a little while before you catch it.

Using the Right Trap

One of the most popular traps available right now is the Victor Electronic Rat Trap M240. Its features:

  • Kills rats and mice.
  • Uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a rodent enters the unit
  • High voltage shock kills mice in seconds. A built-in safety switch and tunnel design protect kids and pets
  • 100% Kill Rate – no escapes.
  • Green indicator light flashes to indicate a kill.
  • Easy to use – simply bait, turn on, and empty.

So right now, that’s a pretty good and humane option if you find yourself with a mouse problem.  It kills the mouse quickly and is reusable.

Recommended Trap:

Repeater Multiple Catch Mouse Trap by J.T. Eaton

This reusable multiple catch mouse trap is a humane way to catch mice, and a cost-effective way to keep mouse traps out of landfills.  The Repeater is very similar to the Victor Tin Cat, but comes with a cheaper price tag.  It doesn’t need to be wound or reset, and it doesn’t use springs or snaps.

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You bait the trap and leave it where you believe the mice or rats to be congregating.  The top is clear so you can see when you’ve caught your invader.  Once you’ve caught a mouse (or five), you can release them in the wild.  Then wash the trap, bait it, and you’re back in business. And they claim you don’t even necessarily need bait… the mice will just waltz right in to the trap!  Pretty smart.

The Speedy Clean Repeater Multiple-Catch Trap from J.T. Eaton is a great option for people who want to keep a rodent alive, but away from their family.

J.T. Eaton specializes in pest control products making some of the best mouse traps out there, and they live up to their reputation with this trap. Click below for the lowest price on the J.T. Eaton Repeater Trap:


A Humane Mousetrap from Smart Mouse Trap

Humane Mousetrap by Smart Mouse TrapThe Smart Mouse Trap is a great alternative trap for those looking for a way to reduce their unwanted furry guests without killing them.  This humane mousetrap doesn’t kill the mouse, but rather traps the mouse in a contained area.  You can then release the mouse or rat in a different location which, depending on how much you like your neighbors, will probably be far away from your home.

The Smart Mouse Trap contains no poison or glue and is constructed with clear see-through plastic so you can see if and when you catch a rodent.  Since it doesn’t contain poison or any kind of snapping features, the trap is safe for children and pets. You could leave it in a corner of your kitchen, baited of course, and not have to worry about anyone getting hurt or sick.

It’s reusable so after you catch a mouse, you can just clean it and set it up again to grab another.  This is a nice earth-friendly feature that keeps traps and poison out of our landfills.

If you’re an animal lover who doesn’t necessarily love little animals running around their homes, eating their snacks, and scaring the kids, the Smart Mouse Trap is a great way to keep your home mouse and rat free. Click below for the lowest price on the humane Smart Mouse Trap:

Quite a Shock: Using An Electric Mouse Trap

quite a shock - electric mouse trapMice infestation can cause massive problems in any household. No one wants mice running around their house, destroying things, wreaking havoc, and freaking people out.  They eat your food, bite and break your furniture, and leave poop wherever they go. Worse, they can bring various diseases such as fever and fatal infections. These are the reasons why it is important to get rid of every mouse you can see, and of course all those you can’t see.

There are several ways to kill rodents, one of which is the use of electric mouse traps. This type of trap is a modern device that works rather differently from the traditional snap traps. The main differences are that the electronic trap uses an electric shock and is a more humane way to kill the pests.

Electric Mouse Trap: How It Works?The Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap

For example, the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524 is equipped with a circuit that sends zaps the mouse once they enter the trap. Other traps operate when the mouse pulls the bait, the trap instantly electrocutes the rodent. Most electric mouse traps show some kind of indicator such as a green light to indicate that the mouse is dead.

These traps are safe to use. You do not have to worry about it electrocuting you or your pets because the circuit is insulated and kept securely. This way, it only sends electricity whenever the bait is pulled or when the mouse is inside. Moreover, it runs on batteries. And there are models that can kill more than 100 rats before the batteries are drained.

Where To Get Electric Mouse Trap?

The best place to buy an electronic mouse trap is to shop online. This way, you can buy a trap within the comforts of your own home. This eliminates the need to personally go to the store and wait it in a long just to make a purchase. Just a few clicks and your trap is on it’s way – possibly arriving the next day.

While it is easy to search for an electric mouse trap, there are still considerations you have to make before buying. First and foremost, find a brand that offers high-quality products. This way, you can ensure that you’ll buy a device that can provide value for money. The trap should work properly and effectively. Otherwise, it won’t be able to get rid of the pests that are ruining your house.

Also, you have to read the instructions on how to use the device. This is important because the only way for the device to do its job is if it is used properly. If you do not know how to operate it, you might even get hurt.

Now that you know what an electric mouse trap does, you are now more prepared to get and use it. Remember that mice should not be allowed to roam around your house and eat all your food and break your things. They must be stopped in the fastest way possible and you can do this by using an efficient and high-quality electronic trap. With it, you can have a house free of rodents.

Humane Mouse Trap: Live and Let Live (Somewhere Else)

Mice and rats humane mouse trapare annoying pests that break furniture, eat food, and bring diseases. A house is not the appropriate place for them. However, this does not mean that killing rats is the only way to get rid of them. There is another way to deal with rats and this is to set a humane mouse trap. If you are the type of person who could not bear to kill a rat or watch it suffer, then you need to learn how to catch it alive.

Live Mouse Trap

The best thing to do is to use a live mouse trap. This trap would capture the rat without killing it. Once it is caught, you can release the animal in another place – in an area that is more appropriate for them. You can usually find a humane mouse trap at the hardware store. Or, you can create it yourself. All you need is a plastic garbage can. Place bait such as peanut butter or dry oatmeal in the drum. Then, put it an area where rats usually go to. Keep the drum open and do not forget to place a stairway made of bricks or books. This way, the rat will be able to climb and reach the drum’s lid. Once they jump into the drum to get the bait, they will be trapped inside as they wouldn’t be able to get out of it. Do not forget to check the humane mouse trap at least every hour. This way, the rats won’t die in hunger.

Catch and Release

The moment you catch the pests, you can bring them somewhere else and release them in the wild. The best place to leave them is 100 yards away from your home so as to prevent them from coming back. Freeing them in a very unfamiliar environment might also kill them. Another thing to remember is to disable the humane mouse trap when not in use because it might accidentally catch other animals or pets.

Electronic Mouse Trap

Using an electronic mouse trap is also considered a humane way to get rid of rats. Unlike the traditional snap trap, the electronic device instantly kills a rat without it suffering from pain. This is what makes it better than the traditional snap trap, which causes a lot of pain to the rat, not to mention the blood and mess it creates when killing the animal. There are also animal-shelter technicians that euthanize rats. In this case, they use lethal injection to put the pests down.

Out of these alternatives to get rid of rats, still the best way to do is rat-proof your house. You can do this by covering all the cracks and holes in the walls, as well as disposing the garbage properly. You should also avoid leaving food and snacks lying around the kitchen. Do not forget to put them in containers that rats couldn’t break. Or, if you can, keep them in the refrigerator. If you have pets, feed them indoors and clean their dishes as soon as they finish eating. Leaving dirty dishes can attract rats because of the leftover food. Rat-proofing your home will drive rats away and you would no longer need even a humane mouse trap.

So overall, the best mouse traps are the ones that you’re comfortable with using. A humane mouse trap might be just as effective as others, so definitely explore this method and hopefully it works for you.

How To Get Rid Of Rats – Reviewing Some Different Ways

how to get rid of ratsOne of the most common pest control questions is how to get rid of rats because these sneaky critters are huge troublemakers.  Rats cannot be left to roam around the house or any property because they can damage the structure and bring diseases to people. They also multiply fast, leading to infestation that will be harder to stop.

There are different ways to get rid of rats.  But first, you have to know more about the pest in order to deal with it. Remember that in every situation, you have to determine the problem first so as to solve it.

Rat Characteristics

Rats are not that easy to capture because they are intelligent and cautious species.  You have to think like a rat to catch one!  They do not fall for traps easily, as they tend to shy away from new obstructions in their paths. Given this, you have to outwit them.

First and foremost, determine the area they frequent to and find the path they usually take. Lack of clear vision is one of their weaknesses. They use their whiskers and nose to find their way and they usually travel along walls for protection. Rats are also attracted to peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, bacon and other food with a strong smell. Using these tips to your advantage can help you plan how to get rid of rats successfully.

Different Methods of Rat Control

Once you discover the rats’ habit, likes and dislikes, it is time for you to make the move. There are different methods to catch and kill the rats and here is a list to help you out.

Rat Traps

You can choose between a traditional snap trap or an electronic trap. Both can kill the rats effectively but they use different processes of doing so. An electronic trap usually has a higher success rate because it can kill dozens of rats before its batteries run out. Also, it ends the rat’s life within seconds without the mess of blood, making it a more humane way of dealing with infestation. Glue trap is another method. However, you have to use it in a room with a proper temperature because the glue may not be that sticky if it’s too hot or cold. If you can’t bear to kill rats, then you have to go for live traps. This way, you can capture the rats and free them in a more appropriate place for them.

When using traps, you have to remember to position them strategically. It is best to place them perpendicularly against a wall because that’s where rats usually run along. Also, use the right bait and check the trap regularly.

Rat Poisons

There are available pellet poisons that can kill rats fast. All you have to do is put them near the rats’ hiding place. Keep in mind though that rat poison can also be deadly for pets and kids. So, make sure that you place them out of their reach.


Once you deal with the infestation, the final step on how to get rid of rats is to pest-proof your property. Maintain a clean environment and keep the food safely. Also, cover the crevices, cracks, and holes in the walls to prevent rats from entering your house. Doing all these will surely solve your rat problems.

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The Varieties of Rodent Repellant

When it comes to rodent repellent, you have a variety of choices. Knowing and understanding how each of them works are essential in order to get rid of rats successfully. Remember that rat infestation is quite difficult to address. Most of the time, it requires an integrated method consisting of rat-proofing and the use of different rodent repellents, baits, and traps.

Sonic Rodent Repellent

This type of repellent makes use of sonic and ultrasonic waves. Such a device emits a certain sound that irritates rodents, discouraging them from entering and staying in a house. Some brands offer sonic repellents that release jackhammer sounds, which can make rodents suffer from grave auditory stress. Other sonic devices, meanwhile, can emit a sound similar to what a dominant male rodent makes. This can work because in many cases, rats tend to avoid a surrounding where there is a “dominant male rodent.” The Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Direct Plug-In is an example of this kind of sonic rodent repeller.

A few things to be aware of when using this type of rodent repellent. One of them is to place it in every room of the house because sound can’t get through walls. You should also keep in mind that pets might also be affected by the sound it emits. So, if you have many pets, might as well try other alternatives.

Rodent Smoke Bomb

Giant Destroyer Gas Bombs are another type of rodent repellent that can surely drive mice and rats away. These repellents release a lot of poison smoke that can kill rodents. However, you must make sure that there is a proper ventilation in the room where you will use the smoke bomb because the smoke can also be toxic to people and pets. Also, the residue may stay on surfaces, which would require heavy cleaning after use. Rodent smoke bombs are more appropriate to be used outdoors. Find the source of infestation and use the bomb to wipeout the population.

Regular Cleaning

Maintaining a clean environment is probably the best rodent repellent there is, as rats usually stay in dirty surroundings. Make sure that you properly dispose of garbage and avoid leaving food lying around the house. You should also ensure that there are no holes or gaps in walls that can provide entry to rodents. Having cats can also help because these pets like to catch and eat mice. If the infestation is a lot worse than you can handle, it’s time for you to call a professional exterminator to deal with the problem.